Welcome to Itech Inverclyde Now Open In Shore Street, Gourock:

Repairs - Phones - Tablets - Laptops

We stock the latest models of a vast range of phones and tablets in store or to order. Call in today and our staff are on hand to advise. 

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Phone Unlocking - Why send away we do it while you wait!

Don't throw away your contract phone or be stuck with a network you don't want, our unlocking service is quick, inexpensive and while you wait, 

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Software Upgrades - Keep up to date with our help.

Not sure if your phone or tablet is working as well as it should, is the software out of date, we can upgrade software and install new apps or programs call us.  

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Anti Virus Protection - You can't take chances

You simply can't risk it, phones, tablets, laptops don't take chances, let our technicians ensure your gadgets are protected and so are you. 

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Don't rush to buy a new one we may be able to repair it

Gadgets, phones, tablets, small appliances, cameras, consoles, players, and much more our technicians can repair most items call us .

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Tablet - Phone Screens: Repaired while you wait!

We can repair tablet and phone screens quickly and cost effectively with most models repaired in store while you wait. 

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We Sell - Repair - Unlock - Upgrade - Advise

Our on-line shop will be available shortly for all your tech needs!